Crystal Reading & Placement Therapy

Close your eyes, set an intention and pick a crystal.

Reiki & Chakra Balancing

Here we transcend to a place that allows you to check in with yourself.

Goddess Circles

A safe space for women to come together to talk, laugh, cry and stand in their power.

Spiritual Herbalism

The spiritual connection of plant and ancestral medicine, using herbs that encourage healing and promote health through herbal blends.


The Venusian Oracle – Holistic Healing Goddess’ mission is to empower women to practice self-care through energy work and herbal offerings to promote wellness and balance in their lives.

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Why the Venusian Oracle?

In my natal chart, my sun sign is Libra and my rising sign is Taurus both ruled by Venus. The energy of Venus is beauty (physical, emotional and spiritual), love and harmony. So, I chose this name to help others navigate through these important areas of life.

Holistically healing the mind, body and spirit through:

  • How we nourish our bodies: Herbs and Nutrition
  • How we honor our bodies: V-Steams
  • How we connect to our Spirit: Reiki, Medicine Readings and Yoga

Favorite Services from The Holistic Healing Goddess

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