On the East Coast, the New Moon in Libra touches the sky at 11:45 pm. New moons represent new beginnings, the start of projects, and allow us to set goals and intentions for this 30 day cycle. Symbolized by the scales, Libra rules relationships, harmony, beauty, and diplomacy.

As a tarot reader, I can’t help but to mention, Libra is represented by the Justice card and the Suit of Swords (air signs).

The balance of our minds, thoughts and how we communicate will allow us to speak in our truth during this time. Take responsibility for your actions, embrace life’s contradictions, and break free from those partnerships that no longer serve your higher purpose.

However, don’t forget to remember the beauty of this sign and her ruling planet Venus. Venus went retrograde on October 5th and will end on November 16th. Your emotions will be running high, so hold off before making any life changing decisions in your relationships. The rose-colored glasses will be off and you will have the chance to see who they really are and if that is where you want to be.

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