Happy New Moon in Scorpio!!

Each new moon is a perfect time for setting new intentions, beginning new projects and allowing new opportunities to unfold. Scorpio is a water sign that rules power, transformation, self mastery and sexuality. By using the energy of Scorpio and the new moon this month, let’s make positive changes, overcome fears and tap into the passion and sexuality we have been hiding.

Let’s begin with the tarot pull drawn from the energy of this new moon.


The Moon – ruled by Pisces, is asking us to tune in to our emotions and subconscious realm. We are being called to dive deep, face the parts of ourselves that we have ignored and be honest with what we see. During this cycle, deep reactions will come forth, emotional secrets will be revealed, but as long as we accept what is happening and do not try to deny it we will come out with our heads above this watery sign.

The Star – ruled by Aquarius, is a card of deep meaning, hope and faith. The star shines bright in the darkness giving us hope, especially when we are experiencing hard times. This card is asking us to trust what is happening by opening up spiritually, mentally and emotionally allowing new understandings to flow freely. Trust that there is a divine plan and everything is happening for a reason.

Page of Cups – this is a card of meditation and contemplation. The Page of Cups is whimsical carrying the heart of a child. We are being asked to be open to receiving messages from the subconscious realm, to balance our emotional reasoning and intuition to gain knowledge and understanding.

Our emotions and thoughts are powerful carrying the ability to pull us in all directions. If we are grounded and focus on what is going on in our lives, we affirm our ability to more consciously direct them. This new moon in Scorpio, choose to make that positive mental shift and change your emotional perspective.

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