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Money Come to Me: Fixed Candle


B*tch Better Have My Money”- Rihanna

That’s how most of us feel when it’s time to get paid or money is owed to us. What about the times we don’t have the money and we are praying for money to come our way?

The fixed candle “Money Come to Me” is here to bring abundance to you. Hand-poured and working with the energy of the new moon, this candle is designed to draw in what you need. The best days to work on money spells are Wednesdays (bringing in Mercury’s energy) and Thursdays (allowing Jupiter to expand your territory). Infused with Reiki energy, dressed with Frankincense and Egyptian Amber essential oils and green aventurine and pyrite crystals for prosperity.

*Money not included*

Size: 12oz | Burn Time: 60 hours | Ingredients: Coconut Soy Wax, Frankincense and Egyptian Amber Essential oils.

Size: 5 oz | Burn Time: 20 hours

Crystal Candle Care: Once the top of the candle melts completely, remove crystals from the candle with tweezers. Crystals may be hot during and following removal. After removal and after the crystals cool down, rinse them with warm water to remove any wax and dry with a paper towel.

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5 oz, 12 oz

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