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Moon Phase Water Bottles


What Moon Phase do you connect to? Is it the New Moon, Waxing, Full or Waning? Each phase brings in different energy and the power moon charges the water that flows within us. Together with the lunar love, earth’s crystals, reiki energy and the water in the bottle you will be able to connect with the goddess energy in you.

Moon Phases:
New Moon: new beginnings and setting intentions
Waxing Moon: planting the seeds and taking action
Full Moon: power and energy, charging items (crystals)
Waning Moon: releasing and letting go

Rose Quartz: love and compassion
Clear Quartz: cleansing and higher vibrations
Lapis Lazuli: speak your mind
Obsidian: protect your aura

Specifications: Bottle 2.5 in x 12.5in tall | 550 ml (19oz) | Package 3.5in x 14.5in tall
*Reiki healing energy is placed over every bottle.

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Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian

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